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Our sponsorship

Norfolk Drift Team

Cunninghams Garage are delighted to announce their latest sponsorship of Norfolk Drift Team. With Cunninghams' team members already being passionate about drifting it seemed a natural choice for Cunninghams to support Norfolk drift team where the boys drift on a regular basis at Kings Lynn Arena. Malcolm (Malx) has great enthusiasm for Cunninghams and the Secma models using the F16 on the track, the Family Four to ferry people around and the Qpods for general pit lane work, recovery jobs and show off stunts including wheelies!

Cunninghams Garage are extremely proud of the modified Drift Taxi donated to Malcolm and Norfolk Drift Team at Kings Lynn. Converting the BMW E30 may have taken some time, with a little blood, masses of sweat and a few tears, combined with an extensive imagination and lots of hard work Cunninghams proves anything is possible!

For more information check out the website

Hempnall Football Club

Cunninghams Garage is proud to be a long standing sponsor and supporter of Hempnall Football Club. Cunninghams has been actively involved with the club for the past several years providing sponsorship, first hand assistance even providing the club with a Secma Qpod to undertake grounds man tasks.

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