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Secma Fun Lander pick-up

Secma Fun Lander pick-up

The latest innovation from Secma comes in the form of a micro pick-up. Probably the smallest pick-up in the world! It is fully road legal but designed for off-roading and hard work.

With its simple components, alternative materials and basic mechanics, it is easily maintained, won't suffer rust damage and is without the stress of "black box" computer coding.

The affordable price tag, simple maintenance and minimal operating costs make the Fun Lander the ideal addition to your workforce, whatever your vocation.

The characteristic Secma styling reflects the fun instilled in each and every model in the range. It's simply a retro pick-up classic creation at its greatest. Hardworking and Fun, it is everything a micro pick-up should be!

The Fun Lander is an extremely versatile vehicle, diesel powered, with off-roading design it can adapt to any role and fulfil many requirements. A genuine rival to the current pick-ups and quadricycles available on today's market.

The Fun Lander is ideal for hard work on rough ground or sensitive earth, The possibilities for this model are truly endless:

  • Farming Community: for crop inspection or scaling rough ground and checking on livestock. It is also robust and ideal for daily use around the yard.
  • Game Preserves: designed for off-roading it is small and robust enough to operate in wooded areas and across rough ground with the ability to transport delicate birds and essential equipment.
  • Estate, Parks and Garden Management: for the transport of tools and equipment, it has the ability to tow a trailer and manage rough ground with ease.
  • Golf Courses Running: lightweight enough to preserve the pristine course, it carries men and equipment across the 18 holes for maintenance etc.
  • Harbours and Seaside Work: with higher ground clearance, non-rusting Polyethylene body and incredible strength it’s ideal to tow boats in and out of the water and light enough for general work across the sands.
  • Equine Care: with multiple uses around the yard it is ideal for leading horses and carrying essentials required.
  • Garden Centres and Nurseries: use its smaller size to manoeuvre around in greenhouses and inspect new seedlings. It’s a handy piece of equipment to transport smaller and lighter loads.

Secma Fun Lander specifications

Type Two-seater pick-up (Quadricycle)
Engine Liquid-cooled 4 stroke, direct electronic injected 442cc diesel Lombardini engine, 68mm bore x 60.6mm stroke. Max Power 4Kw at 3700min, Torque 20Nm at 1800rpm. Electric starter.
Transmission Automatic with reverse, front wheel drive
Chassis Tubular steel chassis, anti-corrosion treated and powder coated.
Steering Left hand drive, right hand drive available for the UK. Telescopic steering column. Rack and pinion steering.
CO2 Emissions Very low - details upon request
Brakes Front and rear discs
Suspension Independent on the 4 wheels. Front: McPherson strut with coils, springs. Rear: trailing arm with coil springs and hydraulic dampers.
Wheels and tyres Steel wheel rims. Tyres: 205/70-12 on 7.00 x 12 rims or 175/70-13 82H on 5.5 x 13 rims
Body Roto-moulded monocoque of high strength polyethylene, boot and instrument panel colour-impregnated thermoformed ABS.
Cockpit Minimalist, two simple washable seats, sliding windows, digital display
Dimensions Length - 2870mm, width - 1500mm, height - 1640mm, gross weight - 394Kg
Top speed 45 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 27 litres (5.9 gallons)
Equipment Doors with sliding glass windows, towing hitch, buffalo bar, rear drop-side and interior heating.
Safety features Seatbelts 3-point reel, laminated windscreen with defrosting heater, anti-roll bar, interior and wing mirrors, parking brake. Dash: odometer, speedometer, warning lights, electric windscreen, washer and wipers, horn.
Colour options Red or black
Warranty 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Price £9350